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Sustrans is a leading UK charity enabling people to travel by foot, bike or public transport for more of the journeys we make. Please click on the following links to see videos of the Sustrans story... In the beginning and Building the network

In 1995 Sustrans were granted money from the Millennium Lottery Fund to create the National Cycle Network.

Our main section of NCN 5 is between Rushall and Brownhills which uses the disused railway between Rushall and Pelsall, then quiet roads, a canal and disused mineral railway between Pelsall and Brownhills. We are local volunteers trying to make our lovely village of Pelsall and surrounding area an even nicer place for people to cycle through. We normally meet up for a workday once a month on a Wednesday, which Wednesday often depends on the weather!

In 2014 Bob noticed the route of NCN 5 around Chasewater was conflicting. The Sustrans map said one thing while the signs on the ground said something else. With this in mind Bob got confirmation from Sustrans of the correct route and with the help of Jean, re-signed the route correctly. Because there hadn't been a ranger group for NCN 5 around Chasewater for many years, some Pelsall rangers have decided to improve and maintain NCN 5 between Brownhills and Burntwood. Burntwood being the obvious place to stop and handover NCN 5 to the Lichfield rangers.

If you'd like to help us with our bit of the NCN please contact Sustrans, who have produced this Poster

Our 4.2 miles section of the NCN 5 between Rushall and Brownhills.
Some of this is on the disused railway, some on road and some on canal.

Our 2.2 mile section of NCN 5 between Brownhills and Burntwood
A lot of this section goes around Chasewater.


Many of Sustrans greenways were once railways consisting predominantly of grasslands. However over the decades they've become encroached by woodland and scrub leaving small remnant pockets of species-rich grasslands. It's therefore very important to protect these remnants and where possible expand them. This Sustrans project has many groups of Wildlife Volunteers who help with wildlife surveys and habitat management.

Our Sustrans Greener Greenways project runs along a disused railway called the South Staffordshire Line. Originally the Greenway ran from Walsall to Pelsall. In 2014 Sustrans extended the Greenway to include the Pelsall to Brownhills section of the disused railway. In 2015 the volunteers completed a lot of work on the Pelsall to Brownhills section. However, the Sustrans management team at that time decided work on this section should stop and it should no longer be part of the Greenway. In 2016 Sustrans had a reorganisation and the new management team decided that the Pelsall to Brownhills section should be part of the Greenway again. In fact since 2016 the new management team in Sustrans have given an incredible amount of support to the volunteers.

After Sustrans told the volunteers to stop any work on the Pelsall to Brownhills section, some Sustrans volunteers resigned. An independent campaign group was then set up called Back the Track. BTT aims are to try and get the disused railway between Pelsall and Brownhills improved and a Greenway created for all to enjoy. The BTT group are now making good progress with the project and have even got a new name for the track i.e. McClean Way
If you'd like to help with the Back the Track campaign please go to the group's website Back the Track or McClean Way

If you'd like to help with the Sustrans Greener Greenways project please contact Sustrans, who have produced this Poster.

The 6.25 miles section of the disused railway runs between Walsall and Brownhills.
The Sustrans Rangers section is from Walsall to Pelsall.
The Back the Track groups section is from Pelsall to Brownhills